January 24, 2018
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Shelley Ross, The Cure Alliance, Honored by 2018 World Stem Cell Summit


Miami: At the 2018 World Stem Cell Summit gala awards dinner at the Miami Hyatt Regency, 5 advocates of regenerative medicine were honored for their contributions to the advancement  of new medicine,  knowledge sharing and patient advocacy.

Ross, the president of The Cure Alliance, was introduced with a dramatic video tracing the inspiration of the non-profit organization of over 200 top scientists and innovators from around the world working to cure chronic, debilitating and fatal diseases.

The video ends with Ross’ personal appeal to the FDA not to adopt the proposed guideline to restrict fat transfers in breast reconstruction  sending cancer survivors back to a time when they lived with disfigurement, pain and social isolation.  In accepting her award, she announced to the audience that she’d learned that afternoon the FDA struck that element from their final published  guideline.

Other  honorees included Vice President Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden for improving cancer research and care by re-imagining how government, academia, non-profits and the private sector can better coordinate efforts; Dr. Ed Bosarge, chairman and founder of Black Beret Life Sciences, for accelerating regenerative medicine; Adrienne Bell Cors Shapiro, an advocate for those with sickle-cell anemia and Professor Norio Nakatsuji, the founding director of the Institute for Integrated Cell-material Sciences at Kyoto University in Japan.

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